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To provide services to relief businesses, partners  and potential relations from the sophistication of IT accountabilities, as to help them focus on their craft 

Our Mission

To architect the pathway to digitization by providing customer-centric IT solutions. 

Our Vision

Becoming the trusted name around the world by providing bespoke IT services’

The Story of Xzone IT

Founded and formed by a group of misfits who refused to settle with the mediocrity of IT services.

Perfection may sound impossible to achieve, but the dream of the pioneering souls was to construct a platform with the resilience of passion, perseverance of perfection, the boldness of creativity and integrity of quality. Since then, 8 years have elapsed and wisdom has molded the reflection of perfection; and we call that ‘Xzone IT Park Pvt. Ltd.’.

From the very onset, Xzone IT Park Pvt. Ltd. has sought to reengineer the industry of IT and IT services. A forward-looking milestone was set with the aim to revolutionize the industry as well as the face of IT services of Bangladesh around the globe

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Our Chairman Say's

The 4th ‘Industrial Revolution’ is here and Xzone IT Park Pvt. Ltd. is ready to become the forerunner in paving the way. We are the embodiment of an energetic and high-spirited organization, moving forward with dynamism and diversity with an aspiration to give our best to take Technology and ITES to the next level.


In our organization, we encourage the zeal of our youth and we value the wisdom of the experienced. By focusing on innovation and creativity we always put the needs of ‘Business Partners’ first. In Xzone IT Park Pvt. Ltd., we believe in the cohesion of ‘Family’, hence our motif echoes, “We rise together and we do not let anyone fall behind” and “Success is inevitable when we work as a ‘Team’ and communicate as someone from our own ‘Family’.”

our core values

Serviceable Solutions’ is the outcome of our ‘Responsibility’

‘Applicability’ and ‘Feasibility’ are two of the perspectives we consider before forwarding in a venture. This gives us the windows to evaluate the problems more ‘Responsibly’ and structure our ‘Solutions’ ever ‘Sensibly’.

"Diversity" Fabricates empowerment

Our trust relies on the passionate accumulation of people from different backgrounds, gender, culture, and ethnicity. We believe every individual has something ‘Diverse’ to offer, which eventually ensures an open and connected work culture and a supreme ‘Service Quality’.

Quality is the prerequisite of quantity

We consider ‘Quality’ as the ‘Fundamental Ingredient’ of a service. Our culture reminds each one of us about ‘Integrity’ and encourages us to ensure ‘The Right of Quality’ in any of the services we provide.

Equity encourages creativity

We believe, ‘Fairness’ is the ‘Principle’ that bonds a family and engineers a sound environment. Not only one performs when the playing field is equal, moreover this attitude encourages a sense of trust, comradery and boldness in being ‘Creative’.

the culture we held

The five pillars that sets the ‘Definition of OUR Culture’ are also the beliefs that define!

We encourage ‘Communication’

We encourage ‘Communication’

Communication is the key to unlocking the door of ‘Solutions’. Not only do we encourage our ‘Business Partners’ to articulate the ideas they dream to implement, moreover in Xzone IT Park Pvt. Ltd. we have built an environment where collaboration and debates are applauded. We believe ‘Hierarchy’ should not negate the idea of challenging a superior, rather ‘Hierarchy’ is there to direct a ‘Mentee’ to the ‘Mentor’.

We ignite ‘Passion’

We ignite ‘Passion’

‘Passion’ varies from person to person, it is the ‘Vision’ that unites like-minded individuals. In Xzone IT Park Pvt. Ltd. passions are nurtured by bonding the right people with the right task. Our leaders and HR Team engage with each of the members of the firm to ensure that, ‘Passion’ gets reinvigorated every day by the work we do.

We ensure ‘Acknowledgement’

We ensure ‘Acknowledgement’

Empathy, support and compensation are the three driving factors that run our ‘Acknowledgement’ structure. We believe, empathy is the nourishment that rejuvenates the health of an organizational environment; we know without support short term gains may be achieved but in long term, the bigger picture will crumble; and we understand that without proper compensation the sense of respect is neglected on the efforts and wisdom of an individual.

We establish ‘Team Spirit’

We establish ‘Team Spirit’

No one is better than every one of us; this is the spirit that motivates Xzone IT Park Pvt. Ltd. to move forward by embracing the idea of togetherness. We realize that everyone has a different perspective, hence valuable inputs to offer. And by celebrating this idea of respect and inclusion, every day we step into something better, as a Team.

We respect ‘Life Style’

We respect ‘Life Style’

People are different and so are their lifestyles. Fixating every individual within a certain lifestyle is one of the reasons why productivity and creativity declines. In Xzone IT Park Pvt. Ltd. we respect the choices of an individual and help them find the best frame that befits their lifestyle as well helps them in spending quality time with their family.

Some Numbers

We believe in this simple rule. Always give people more than they expect to get!

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